Hair Extensions, Additions and Fillers

Angelo David Couture Extensions, Additions and Fillers can be used to fill in any sparse area, adding longer, fuller or thicker hair exactly where you need it. They are completely customized to match your hair’s own texture and color, and are entirely undetectable.

  • Couture Extensions add both length and volume—in particular areas or all over
  • Integration Additions add fullness and volume instantly, and blend naturally with your own hair
  • Hair Fillers add volume and thickness right where you need it most
  • We even offer a Couture Fringe or Bang, which can be attached temporarily or in a semi-permanent manner to conceal a receding, thinning or uneven front hairline. Want long hair the easy way for a day? Ask about our Couture Ponytail.

Each of these Couture solutions can be customized in hundreds of ways to conceal a thinning hairline, fill in sparse areas, completely camouflage fine or thinning hair, or address medical hair loss issues. All are 100% human hair and can be attached in a wide variety of ways. (We always recommend the safest attachment methods that preserve and protect the hair you have!) During your complimentary consultation, we will help you determine the cause of your fine or thinning hair challenge and the best solution for you.

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Hair Extensions