Thinning HairHair Loss Solutions in Manhattan, NY

If you are going bald in Manhattan, NY, hair loss solutions may be just what you need. Few people are satisfied when their hair is thinning or falling out completely, but Angelo David Salon can help.

Whether you have just noticed the issue, or it has been going on for years, we may be just the people to meet with for the best solution. We have helped numerous clients get a fuller head of hair through various methods that work.

These are just a few examples of our most popular solutions:

  • Fillers that can add volume and depth
  • Integration additions that add thickness
  • Extensions and wigs that can add length

We use only 100% human hair so that you get a result that looks and feels natural. All of our products are high quality, and our skilled staff members can carefully determine the best solution for you during the free consultation.

We have helped men and women of all ages, as it is never too late or too early to improve your look using our many solutions.

For many residents of Manhattan, NY, hair loss solutions can be a great way to reduce the effects balding can cause. Contact Angelo David Salon today.

We routinely work with men and women who are experiencing hair loss, thinning hair, alopecia and early pattern or hereditary baldness. Whatever the situation, we’ll help you explore the wide range of customized options, and together, we’ll discover the one that’s best for you, your needs and your lifestyle. Whatever the issue, there’s no reason you can’t love your hair again

Our Couture Hair Fillers rely on individual layers of hair that are applied with a strand-by-strand method to instantly add depth and volume to designated areas.

Couture Additions add instant fullness and thickness, even if your hair is extremely sparse

Couture Hair Extensions can be added for length, fullness or both, using a wide variety of attachment methods We offer completely customized, Couture Wigs, but if you’re in a hurry, you can have one adjusted for you from our high-quality Ready-to-Wear Collection Defend against hair loss with the newest Hair Treatments, including our Laser Hair Treatments, which are offered in variety of a series.

All of our Couture Hair Extensions and Additions are custom designed, using 100% human hair. Our specialists will perfectly match your hair’s texture and type, as well as your hair color. Cutting, styling and finishing complete your new style, giving you fuller, thicker hair that’s so natural-looking, you’ll think it’s all your own.

Visit our Gallery to see our real-life before and afters.