Scalp and Laser Treatments

A healthy scalp is vital to strong, healthy hair. While it’s normal to lose about 100 hairs per day, if you are losing more, if your scalp is dry or has excess DHT, or if your hair is brittle and lifeless, our hair and scalp treatments offer customized solutions.

We’ll perform a hair and scalp analysis, and create confidential records on any medication usage or other potential causes of your scalp or hair challenges. Then, we’ll explore all the options, and together, will decide on the best one for you.

  • Our scalp and hair treatments help stimulate the micro-circulation of the scalp and treat your hair with natural proteins and anti-oxidants. We also offer Redken Chemistry Treatments, which can be completely customized to your hair’s deficiencies and scalp’s needs, as well as specialized dandruff treatments.
  • Angelo David laser treatments stimulate the hair follicles to facilitate the re-growth of your own hair. The laser we use is medically tested and FDA-approved. It delivers light energy directly from 110-160 laser diodes. The laser light helps stimulate cell metabolism and natural hair growth. Because more than one treatment is recommended for maximum results, ask about our packages.

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