Pocket-Sized Boar Bristle Brush

Angelo David Pocket-Sized Boar Bristle Brush features 100% natural boar bristles for smoothing, styling and protecting fine or thinning hair. Soft, conditioning boar bristles won’t damage hair or create split ends. Durable pin bristles, flexible padding and scalp-protecting tips ensure durability, and hassle-free brushing and styling. Ideal for smoothing short, unruly hair or for men with any hair type

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Small Paddle Brush

Angelo David Small Paddle Brush fits neatly in a purse or pocket and features an ideal balance of nylon and natural boar bristles. Our most popular, go-anywhere brush, it is handcrafted with flexible padding, an easy-grip handle and scalp-protective epoxy tips. Smooth, condition and style your natural or Couture hair anywhere, without creating breakage, split ends or scalp irritation.

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Medium Paddle Brush

Angelo David Medium Paddle Brush is ideal for smoothing, styling and conditioning natural hair and Couture Hair. Longer nylon bristles separate and control, while natural boar bristles smooth and condition hair. Right for all hair types, this brush features a medium cushion, flexible padding, durable pin bristles and epoxy tips that protect the scalp. Great for blow drying, brushing and shaping.

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Large Paddle Brush

Angelo David Large Paddle Brush, which features the longest bristles of all our brushes, balances longer nylon bristles with soft, conditioning boar bristles for brushing and smoothing long, dense hair and keeping Angelo David Couture Hair conditioned and tangle-free. They allow you to get close enough to gently separate, smooth and control hair, while preventing breakage and split ends.

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The Angelo David Large Round Brush

The Angelo David Large Round Brush is made of naturally conditioning boar’s hair bristles, which can help improve the hair’s condition while inhibiting breakage and split ends, along with ideally staggered nylon bristles. As a result of this beneficially balanced duo, the brush navigates through dense hair easily, without tugging or snagging. It also gently stimulates the scalp to help support healthy circulation. The lightweight yet sturdy Birchwood handle is wrapped with natural rubber, which allows a for a better grip and improved styling control without arm fatigue. Great for all hair types.

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