Your Wedding Timeline

To help you plan your perfect bridal look, consider all the elements on this timeline. We will help you plan and adjust them as needed.

6 Months Before Your Wedding

  • If you are changing your haircolor, start 6 months out. By your wedding day, you’ll have had plenty of time to get used to it, adjust it, or change it. The same goes for any major hair cut.
  • Also, start a waxing regimen.

3 Months Before Your Wedding

  • Make an appointment for your bridal hair and makeup trial. Book your Angelo David beauty team and set up appointments for your wedding party, or arrange destination styling. Credit card deposits are required for bridal parties.
  • Experiment with faux tanners. Our makeup artist can make recommendations or show you how cosmetics can give your skin a beautiful glow.
  • Get your brows professionally shaped; you’ll have time to grow them out in spots if needed.
  • Reassess your haircut and style. We’ll make the subtle adjustments that will lead to the perfect look on your wedding day.

1 Month Before Your Wedding

  • Get a brow reshaping and final haircolor assessment. Also, talk to our makeup artist about lash extensions. You’ll be used to them by the big day.
  • The entire bridal party should also get trial styles

2 Weeks Before Your Wedding

  • Get a trim, so your hair will look fresh but not overly so
  • Book a color touch-up for the same trim appointment
  • Choose and test your nail color or French manicure

The Week Before

  • Get a final brow shaping. You can do this as close as two days before the wedding but not any closer if you experience redness or have sensitive skin.
  • Get a deep-conditioning treatment or a sheer color gloss for shine
  • Get any final waxing services

The Day Before

  • Consider getting nail services for the entire bridal party. The day of your wedding may not be the time to assume you’ll have the patience for polish to dry properly.

Your Wedding Day

  • Show up for your appointment a bit early if you can, so we can assess your hair. You don’t need to have it shampooed that day, but it should be clean. We will assess this during your trial styling. Sometimes, clean but second-day hair holds an updo better.
  • Relax and enjoy your big day with Mimosas and a fruit platter for you and each of your guests
Beautiful bride