What You Need to Know About Hair Extensions

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We all want long, luscious hair. For those frustrated with naturally thin or thinning hair it is disheartening to see others with their long hair and wonder what we are doing wrong. We buy specialty hair products, change our diets, take vitamins and give our hair “just a few more months” to reach the length that we desire. Though all of these things can help your hair become healthier, thicker, and longer, you may not be able to achieve your #hairgoals without the help of something more.

Maybe She’s Born With It . . .

Some people are born with good hair, naturally blessed with Hollywood quality hair. However, many are utilizing the powers of hair extensions and other hair pieces.

Celebrities such as Kim Kardashian and Mindy Kaling use hair extensions to achieve their gorgeous, envy-worthy locks. However, hair extensions and more specifically, high-quality human hair extensions aren’t just for celebrities anymore.

Keep reading to learn what you need to know about hair extensions and be sure to book your complimentary consultation with Angelo David New York. You will not only get access to the skills of world-class hairstylists but also David Angelo’s Couture Hair. Visit our website to learn more!

Five Things to Know Before Getting Hair Extensions

Hair extensions are becoming more and more popular as both women and men in New York search for ways to achieve their ideal look. If you’re thinking about getting extensions, learn everything you need to know right here.

When Should I Get Extensions?

Whether you just want to increase the length of your hair or you’re growing out a shorter style, extensions give you hundreds of style options. What’s more, extensions aren’t the only hair pieces that you should consider. Fillers, additions, toppers, bangs and ponytails can all provide a means for upping your style. Here’s what each can provide you:

  • Extensions – length, volume, thickness, highlights
  • Additions & fillers – volume and fullness
  • Toppers & hairpieces – fullness and cover thinning hair
  • Ponytails & bangs – enjoy multiple styling options easily

In many cases, to achieve the best look, our stylists at our New York hair salon will utilize a variety of pieces to give you full, long mane that you’ll want to #HairToss.

How Are They Attached?

Depending on your exposure to extensions, when you think about attachments, the first thing that might come to mind are flimsy clips that your college roommate would clip into her hair before a night out. However, we aren’t talking about your college roommate’s hair extensions! Our professional grade extensions can be attached in multiple ways based on the extensions and hairpieces you choose, as well as your lifestyle and budget. At our salon we offer:

  • Strand by strand
  • Hot fusion
  • Cold fusion
  • Micro-cylinder
  • Bonding/ adhesive
  • Linking
  • Tub shrinking

What Are Hair Extensions Made Of?

There are many products that fall under the umbrella term of “hair extensions,” many of which only belong on your head during Halloween — and maybe not even then. The extensions that our New York hair salon uses is 100% human hair extensions. These ethically-sourced extensions are then cut and styled to seamlessly integrate into your hair. Unlike their synthetic counterparts that have a super high shine and tangle easily, human hair will wear just like your natural hair. You may even forget that your extensions aren’t your real hair!   

What is Hair Extension Care & Maintenance Like?

When you invest in hair extensions made just for your hair, as we mentioned above, you may forget you’re even wearing them because they feel so natural. What’s more, our extensions can be styled like your hair — blow-dried, flat ironed, and curled. However, they may require some extra care and attention, such as:

  • Fully-drying them before going to bed
  • Avoiding over washing
  • Wearing a swim cap when you might take a dip at the pool
  • Using sulfate-free shampoo
  • Applying oils regularly to moisturize

Though your hair extensions may require extra attention and care than your own hair, they are worth it! When getting your extensions, talk to your stylist about the care they need to look their best.  

Will Extensions Damage My Hair?

Extensions won’t damage your hair if you maintain them as directed, and you have them professionally removed and reapplied when you’re supposed to. Wearing your extensions longer than intended could damage your hair and your extensions — and nobody needs that! To make sure you get the most out of your hairpieces, protect your natural hair, and look your best, be sure to always follow your hair stylists directions.

Hair extensions are an easy way to amp up your look and can take years off of your face. Learn about the possibilities and see before-and-after transformations on the Angelo David New York website. Angelo David has been featured on Veria Living, Good Morning America and other shows showing the incredible transforming power of his Couture Hair. Learn more and book a complimentary consultation!