What is a Hair Analyzer & How Could It Help Me?

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For many, our hair is our crown. It is an asset that we derive a lot of power from, and it could be our favorite thing about our appearance. Our hair is also how we express our own personal style and show the world who we are. As a result, many of us spend a lot of time caring for and styling our hair. Others, on the other hand, don’t care much for their hair and think about it as simply a covering for their head. 

Regardless of how we see our hair, the locks can tell a lot about us. Our locks tell others about who we are, show off our style, and even reveal our priorities. However, even beyond superficial factors, our hair can be very telling about our health as well. 

The Hair-Health Connection

Many cultures have used hair as a means to learn more about their health, and though this is an old idea, it is still a viable means for getting a glimpse at what is happening in our bodies. Hair loss and thinning are often the result of deeper issues than just your hair health. Several factors are needed to grow and keep healthy hair: 

  • Essential nutrients
  • Hormonal balance
  • Balanced, healthy lifestyle
  • Effective stress management
  • Healthy scalp

If you are losing your hair, it may be time to evaluate your health and also seek hair loss treatment. The first step towards understanding what is potentially causing your hair to fail is getting a scalp analysis.

What is a Hair Analyzer?

At Angelo David New York, we use the APM 200 HD quality imaging device to get a clearer idea of what is happening on a microscopic level. With this device, our hair stylists can look at your scalp to provide you with an analysis of your scalp and, as a result, the most productive hair thinning solution. When we use a hair analyzer, we will be able to determine: 

  • Hair loss
  • Hair thickness
  • Keratin amount
  • Hair pore status
  • Cuticle status

When we look at all these factors and understand other aspects of your health and lifestyle, we can determine the next steps in your hair thinning treatment; most cases, a holistic approach will yield the most effective results. 

Am I Losing My Hair?      

Everyone loses some hair each day — it happens when we brush or wash our hair, when we sleep, and some of us would say that we are shredding our locks all the time due to the amount of hair left around the house. However, if it seems your hair is getting thinner then you may want to consider a hair analysis. 

Hair Density

The number of hairs on your head and how close together they are is your hair density. Most people, on average, have about 2,000 hairs per square inch of scalp.  

  • Low – if your scalp shows when your hair is laying naturally against your head
  • Medium – if you can see your scalp a little bit, but isn’t noticeable
  • High – You can’t see your scalp at all

Hair density informs what products will work best to achieve the styling results you want and can inform your general health. 

Angelo David New York offers a variety of options to accommodate anyone struggling with hair loss. Our Hair Detox supplements address many of the root causes of hair loss, while scalp and hair treatments can increase the health of our hair and scalp. We also offer custom hair extensions, hair pieces, and wigs — Couture Hair is unlike any other hair piece you’ve ever had! Learn more about our hair thinning solutions and schedule a discrete and complimentary consultation