It’s Time to Insure Your Hair

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Dolly Parton is iconic for a variety of reasons: her witty charm, style, and, of course, her music. However, she has also become well-known for something that seems odd at first thought: she has insured her natural breasts at $300,000 apiece. Dolly, however, isn’t the only one who has paid for an unconventional policy. David Beckham procured a policy valued at $195 million to insure his body for not only his soccer career, but also his modeling career, and distinguished food critic Egon Ronay had a policy to protect his taste buds. These are just a few of the celebrities that are protecting their assets. 

Though it may seem vain or ridiculous to the everyday person, insuring someone’s assets — essentially, their money-makers — does make a lot of sense. Most of us probably aren’t making money due to our looks, but we still need to protect our own assets and investments. A quality color-service especially, at a high-class hair salon such as Angelo David New York isn’t cheap, and for good reason. What is shocking to us, however, is how even after paying the money for a color service, clients will still use drug-store shampoos and conditioners which can significantly and negatively affect the health and look of their hair.

Discussing at-home care for colored hair in-depth is for another post. However, there is one more way to protect your hair and that is with the revolutionary product Olaplex.

What is Olaplex?

Olaplex is a revolutionary treatment that can be added to your hair color appointment and your at-home care. Olaplex will not only allow your hair to look its best after your color appointment, but it will help your hair to look and feel healthy and your color to last longer. 

Prevents Breakage

Even when you entrust your hair to the most talented stylists in New York City (which we would argue are right here at Angelo David New York), your hair will still be put under stress due to the process of a color treatment. Though the process for achieving particular colors of hair varies, the basic concept is always applied: 

  • Hair color is mixed by your stylist to include ammonia, a developer, and colorants
  • The cuticle layer of your hair is opened by the ammonia
  • The developer and colorants are then able to penetrate the hair shaft — into the cortex — and change your hair color
  • When the process is completed, the cuticle will close and you will have permanently colored hair. 

Due to the invasiveness of the process, even under the care of the best stylists, your hair may sustain damage with a color treatment — or at the very least, can weaken your hair causing it to need more TLC. 

Olaplex: The Original Bond Builder

When Olaplex is included in your color service at the salon, it works to repair the broken bonds in your hair on a molecular level. These broken disulfide bonds are due to chemical (hair color processing), thermal (curling, straightening, and drying), and mechanical ( rough styling and manipulation) damage. As Olaplex repairs, it also is working to prevent future damage. 

The Salon Process Includes 2 Steps: 

  • Bond Multiplier® — Beginning the Rebuilding
  • Bond Perfector® — Pursuing Hair Perfection

At-Home Hair Care

To have healthy, happy hair and to get the most out of your Olaplex treatment, you need to also have quality at-home care. Olaplex Hair Perfector® is made to continue to repair, protect, and strengthen your hair. When you use Olaplex at home, you will notice that your hair is visibly stronger and healthier, your color will look its best, and potentially last longer when this treatment is used with other professional at-home hair care products. It’s important to understand that the Hair Perfector isn’t a conditioner. It is an easy-to-use treatment that integrates into your current hair care regimen. 

Ask your stylist before your next appointment about using Olaplex to strengthen your hair.   

Why Is It Important? 

Some people are born with it, but in most cases, even they have to invest in their hair to have envy-able, luscious locks. Like any investment, how you decide to care for it, will determine how long it lasts; you wouldn’t buy an expensive car, and never take it to get its oil changed. The same is true for your hair color — you have to give it the care that it needs for it to be healthy and look good for weeks after your service. 

We at Angelo David believe in the power of Olaplex and the benefits that we have seen first-hand with our own hair and our clients’ hair. However, as we mentioned before, Olaplex isn’t as effective unless you are already taking care of your hair. For optimal color or highlighted hair health, we suggest: 

  • Using a sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner
  • Washing your hair a few times a week (frequency of hair washing varies from person to person)
  • A healthy lifestyle: eating a balanced diet, staying hydrated, reducing stress, sleeping well, etc. 
  • A color-care conditioning mask
  • Olaplex salon and at-home treatment

The care your hair needs is unique to you and can change with the seasons and your health. Talk to your hairstylist about what your hair needs. They will be able to suggest products and a hair care regimen that will make everyone wonder if you were born with it.  

To learn more about Olaplex and the possibilities for your hair, make a complimentary consultation appointment! The stylists at Angelo David New York can’t wait to give you and your hair the royal treatment.