Prepping Your Hair For The Winter

An image of a person with blonde hair standing in a field.

While the winter solstice has not hit us, and won’t until December 21st, winter is definitely on its way. And even though we have a few months until December, the colder weather will be here sooner than we think. With the change of the weather, you tend to find yourself swapping out your t-shirts for long-sleeved comfy sweaters. Just as you swap out your clothes to fit the colder weather, you should also be swapping out your hair products and routine to fit, too. 


During the colder months, the low temperatures combined with dry indoor heat can ultimately be a disaster for your hair. It can lead to all types of breakage and split ends no matter what your hair type is. So, in order to keep your locks looking luscious all year long, use these tips and tricks to extend the life of your hair.


Shampoo Less 

When you shampoo your hair too much, not only can it lead to flakiness and  an itchy scalp, but it can also prevent hair growth. We all know that shampooing your hair too much isn’t great for you no matter what season it is, but during the winter months, you may want to make sure that you’re using products that target itchy and flaky scalps. These are perfect for even oily or fine hair since it helps cleanse your hair without weighing it down. 


Use Oil-Based Products 

We’re very thankful that we have heaters to keep us warm, but the constant blasts of hot air are not good for any type of hair. The only way to help combat that dryness is to moisturize it. We suggest that you switch your hair products to ones that promote high levels of moisture. Products that are infused with oils, like moraccan and argan, are great ones to use since they help your hair lock in that extra hydration. 


Use Weekly Hydrating Masks 

Just like we mentioned above, using products that increase the moisture of your hair are necessary for day to day use. But, it’s also important to give your hair that boost by using weekly masks. Your hair dries out faster than you think, which is why it’s important to replenish it. We recommend that once a week you slather on the conditioner or use a hydration mask, and let it sit on your hair for about 30 mins. This will help make sure that the moisture from the products is locked in. 


Utilize Leave-In Products 

Once we get out of the shower our hair goes back to being blasted by that hot air. You may also find that your hair is picking up more static than normal. This is a very common occurrence during the colder months and that is one of the key signs that your hair is drier than usual. A great way to prevent static is to use a leave-in conditioner or hair oil on your hair before you either blow dry it or let it air dry. 


Be Wary Of Coloring Your Hair Lighter 

Stereotypically people tend to color their hair darker colors and while brunettes can still have fun during the winter, you may want to dial down the blonde ambition. Lighter platinum locks are beautiful but they are very damaging in the winter. If you are wanting to go lighter, try leaving your roots a bit darker and applying a semi-permanent hue until the weather is a bit kinder to your hair. 


Utilize Silk and Satin

Many of us don’t tend to think of silk and satin as winter fabrics. During the colder months, we tend to reach for heavier fabrics like wool, cotton, and other coarse fabrics. However, these fabrics can cause split ends and breakage for all hair types, but especially naturally textured hair. Due to the rough texture of these fabrics, they tend to pull at your hair and rub against it harder than fabrics like silk and satin. Now we’re not saying that you should only be wearing silk and satin, but one easy fix is to utilize either a silk or satin pillowcase. These fabrics allow your hair to breath and move along the fabric without getting pulled. You can also swap out your hair ties for silk or satin scrunchies, which are not only better for your hair, but they also won’t crease your hair either. 


Never Go Outside With Wet Hair 

This is something that you were probably told when you were younger by your parents, and while they were probably inferring that you would get sick, the cold can also damage your hair. Blow drying your hair isn’t always the answer, but if you’re getting ready in the morning and find that your hair is still a bit damp, take that extra time to dry your hair. When your hair is wet and it’s cold outside, your hair shaft expands, which puts it at risk for breakage. Not only can your hair break off faster, but it also makes your color fade faster. So next time you’re about to run out with wet hair, take that time to dry your hair fully. Another great way to help avoid this is to wash your hair at night and then style it in the morning. Both your salon bill and your hair will thank you for taking these extra steps. 


Take Advantage Of Dry Shampoo

Move aside diamonds because dry shampoo is now a girl’s best friend! Not only is dry shampoo a great way to combat against an oily scalp but it also helps revive your hair when it’s styled. A few quick sprays of dry shampoo can help give your hair that lift and texture that you’re looking for. This not only cuts down on your time spent getting ready in the morning but it also helps cut down on the amount of heat styling and shampooing you do. It’s a win-win for everyone! 


Don’t Skip Out On Your Routine Salon Visits 

Even when you think that you’re taking great care of your hair, it’s still important to routinely see your stylist. Not only can they help assess the health of your hair, but they can also help point you in the direction of great products and advice. If you’re looking for a great hair salon in New York City, schedule an appointment with the Angelo David Salon located in Midtown Manhattan. We specialize in all things hair including hair extensions, couture wigs, and so much more. Connect with us today, and request your consultation now! Let us give you the hair that you’ve always been dreaming of!