How to Improve Thinning Hair with Hair Extensions


While many people consider hair loss to be a phenomenon that only men experience, that unfortunately is not true. Though it is not talked about as often; women can also end up with thinning hair or bald patches. There are several reasons this can happen, from genetics to incorrectly treating your hair, but that does not mean there is nothing that can be done to regain the look of a head full of beautiful hair.


Many women are learning that hair extensions in New York are not just for creating stunning up-dos; extensions from qualified salons are capable of thickening out thin hair or masking bald spots on a person’s head. So how do you make these extensions work for you? Take a look below to find out:


  1. Find Matching Extensions – Make sure that the extensions you buy are carefully matched to your existing hair color and texture. This allows them to blend naturally into your hair.
  2. Find the Right Attachment Method – There are many different ways to attach an extension. Make sure that you are having your extensions attached with a method that best fits your specific lifestyle and maintenance commitment.
  3. Use 100% Real Human Hair Extensions – If you want that natural look, you are not going to want to use any artificial extensions. Real human hair not only looks better but can also be styled just like your natural hair.


Improve the thickness of your hair with our hair extensions in New York. Our extensions from Angelo David Salon help you create the look you want.