The Benefits of Using Hair Fillers for Thinning Hair


If you are experiencing thinning hair, you may be agonizing over the loss of hair you have noticed over the last several months. At first, it was just a little, but now it is impacting the way you style your hair. If you are seeking to make it look fuller and thicker, Angelo David Salon can help. We offer specialized products that can help, such as our hair fillers for thinning hair.

These fillers are natural hair that is used to replicate the former fullness of your hair. These fillers are available at our salon for your convenience. Our stylists will apply the natural hair to your head, strand by strand, layer by layer, to add the volume you are looking for. Hair is most often applied at the crown, nape, or temples, but wherever you notice hair thinning will be our area of focus.

It may be that age, illness, medication, or female pattern baldness is causing your hair to look thinner than before, or maybe you have naturally fine hair. However, you do have help available from a salon that deals with this type of problem at work every day. In addition to hair fillers, we also offer couture hair extensions.

Look to Angelo David Salon for the hair thinning solutions you have been after. Contact us today at (212) 402-1347 to schedule an appointment with one of our stylists.