Couture Bangs, Ponies & Chignons

A Fashion Accessory Every Woman Should Own

Couture Bangs, Ponies & Chignons

Accoutrements to Simply Define your Look

Couture Bangs let you try on bangs for fun, get an instant “face lift,” hide a forehead scar, conceal a problem hairline or try on bangs without committing to cutting. Our flexible design allows for an optional bang hairpiece that can be removed easily or worn semi-permanently. Like all Couture Hair, Angelo David New York Couture Bangs are completely customized to blend seamlessly with your own hair and match its color and texture.

Our Couture Ponies and Chignons clip right on to give you instant length, fuller hair, a carefree option to bad hair days or too-short cuts, or an instant special-occasion style. Naturally, they are designed to match your own color and texture, and are 100% human hair.


Hollywood Magic

The red carpet secret that most celebrities have been hiding.