Couture Toppers & Hairpieces

Artistic, Tailored And Quality Hair So Natural, You Will Think It Is Your Own

The Perfect Solution for Thinning Hair and Hair Loss

Couture Toppers add hair or extra fullness on top. Specifically designed for women who have extreme top-hair loss, they’re gentle on the scalp and more natural looking than wearing a wig. Couture Toppers:

  • Can be clipped on, so you can remove them anytime
  • Can also be secured semi-permanently to last 6-8 weeks before an adjustment
  • Are completely customized for cut, color, texture and coverage area
  • Conceal or camouflage hair loss, fine or thinning hair and bald patches in the top/crown area

Couture Hairpieces for men and women are another great solution for hair loss on top. They:

  • Can be attached with a variety of temporary or semi-permanent methods. Many of our methods allow you to swim, shower or more without concerns.
  • Are available in a range of comfortable, natural-looking bases
  • Provide a natural-looking solution to extreme hair loss or baldness, as well as medical issues. No one will know you are wearing a hairpiece!

All Couture Toppers and Hairpieces are 100% human hair and are completely customized to look like and blend with your own hair.

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Couture Toppers & Hairpieces Gentle, Natural & the Perfect Solution for Thinning Hair & Hair Loss

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