The Consultation

Concierge Service Begins with our Experienced Consultants in our Private Suites

We Love to Listen

Whether you want longer or thicker hair, more hair in one area—or have medical hair loss—we’ll help you choose from hundreds of customized solutions. You’ll always have the option of discussing your wants, needs and ultimate desires in our luxury, private consultation rooms.

We’ll analyze your hair, scalp and individual situation, and discuss your lifestyle and desired maintenance. Together, we’ll explore all the options, from Couture Hair Extensions and Fillers, to toppers, hairpieces and fashion wigs. You can rest assured that we’ll find the best choice for making you look your personal best!

Often, you can have the hair you want on the day of your appointment because we also offer ready-to-wear solutions.

Our complimentary, in-depth, private consultations focus on one thing: giving you the hair you always wanted. Whether you want longer hair, thicker hair, more hair in one specific spot—or have medical hair loss—we’ll help you decide which of the hundreds of customized solutions we offer is the best one for you. During your initial consultation, we’ll:

  • Offer you one of our spacious, private rooms
  • Analyze your hair, your scalp and your needs
  • Discuss your goals, lifestyle and budget
  • Explore the reasons behind your hair loss, or your medical needs
  • Explain the various options
  • Jointly select the best solution for you
  • Clarify the maintenance and home-care of your selected solution

We’ll also take any necessary measurements and a small sample of your hair to ensure that your Couture Hair will be a perfect match with your hair type, color, texture and wave pattern. Often, you can have the hair you want that very day because we offer both highly customized and ready-to-wear solutions.

All of our Couture Hair is made from the finest-quality human hair. Like couture fashions, Couture Hair is expertly cut, colored, styled, hand finished and personally adjusted, whether it is custom-created for you or selected from our substantial in-house inventory. We offer hundreds of different types of hair extensions, additions, wigs and hairpieces, and our large, private rooms allow the ultimate in comfort and discretion.

Often, you can have the hair you want on the day of your appointment, thanks to our many ready-to-wear solutions.

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