Color Services

At Angelo David You Can Have The Hair Color You Have Always Wanted


Retouch your new growth, shift your shade, or change it completely. The talented hairstylists at our upscale New York hair salon guide you in what’s possible today or over a period of time — all with your hair’s health in mind. Whether you want a slightly lighter brunette or the perfect platinum blonde, let’s talk!


Dimensional hair color comes from highlights, lowlights, tri-tones, balayage or a variety of other techniques. Our expert hairstylists will perfectly place your color to bring back that multi-hued look that you were born with, and suggest the best glosser for extra spark and shine.


Ever-popular ombré effects add a high-fashion look, while suiting modern lifestyles. Our beautifully blended ombrés include smudged roots that grow out with ease and customized shadings that are designed to suit your personality and work with your hair’s natural tonality.


Our color expert hairstylists at our New York hair salon can fix any color challenge. Of course, extreme hair color corrections take time. After a thorough hair analysis and consultation, we’ll plot a course of action and a realistic timeline to get your color back to the shade you want.


Our New York hairstylists are accustomed to being presented with those intense-toned Instagram photos of blue, green, rainbow and unicorn hair color, as well as delicate pastel shades. Bring in a photo and we’ll help you own the look, all while maintaining the integrity of your hair.

What Set’s Our Upscale New York Hair Salon Apart?

From hot fashion shades to gray coverage, our hair salon’s Couture Hair Color will suit your lifestyle, desired maintenance plan, and even your hair type. It will also leave your hair healthy, glossy and easy to manage, because Couture Hair Color always keeps your hair’s integrity in mind.

Perfectly Matched For a Look That Enhances Your Style

Like our Couture Hair, our Couture Hair Color is perfectly matched to your skin tone, eye color and lifestyle. It is the ideal customized hair color that brings out your finest features.

Whether you want an arctic blonde, a revved-up red or a beautiful brunette, we’ll create the ideal, customized hair color for you. Your former shade will pale in comparison! Try:

Dimensional Color

Even if you’re getting a simple retouch, your hair should naturally dimensional. From Ombré to color flashes, highlights to lowlights (full, partial, precision-placed or balayage), all our color is customized for your haircut, skin tone, eye color, face shape, natural hair color, desired shade and lifestyle.

Volumizing Color

By adding the illusion of depth, dimension, movement and extra lock-luster, we can help your hair look fuller and thicker instantly.

Corrective Color

Our hair color specialists can fix any color challenge. We’ll carefully analyze your hair, its condition and your current color before exploring your color history and a timeline for achieving the perfect shade for you

Couture Hair Color leaves your hair healthy, glossy, youthful-looking and easy to manage.

OLAPLEX: Insurance For Your Hair

High-quality color or highlights are an investment — what are you doing to protect it? When you make a large purchase, you take care of it by using only the right products and even purchasing insurance. Why not do the same for your hair? 

OLAPLEX is essentially “insurance for your hair and your hair treatment.” 


Prevents Breakage

Even the best hair stylists in New York at our hair salon cannot prevent some of the breakage caused by a color service on dry, overly processed, and damaged — and sometimes even healthy hair. Chemical processes will always put wear-and-tear on your hair, but with OLAPLEX, you can dramatically lessen and even prevent the damage that can occur.

At Home Hair Care

No treatment is complete without the at-home maintenance to maintain the results. OLAPLEX three-step at-home care kit will continue to protect and perfect your hair so you have the luscious locks that you paid for weeks after you’ve left the salon. When you have one of the best stylists in New York who uses the best products on the market, and your hair receives the at-home care it deserves, you can expect to have the beautiful, luxurious hair you deserve.



Our single-process Couture Color can add glossy shine, shift your shade, lighten or darken your hair, or cover gray—all while making upkeep easy. If you want to avoid frequent root retouches, we’ll help you find the best option for you. Sometimes, a simple gloss or glaze, which can take as little as 5 minutes, can boost your hair’s shine factor and help blend your roots.

If you have blonde ambitions, our Couture Color brings them to life with the best coloring process for your hair’s condition, your desired shade and your commitment to upkeep. We’ll let you know of going blonde in a single process is right for you, or if your hair requires a double process.


Hair color should never look flat, dull or lackluster. But a full head of highlights aren’t the only way to add depth and dimension to your color. Our customized, couture highlights are perfectly created and placed to work with your hair type and texture, your natural and desired color, your commitment to maintenance and even your lifestyle.

Couture highlights and/or lowlights add one-of-a-kind depth and dimension. Partial or face-framing highlights add a brightening or thickening illusion, depending on where they are placed. Our balayage highlights, which are hand-painted onto select strands, add flickers of light or a hint of movement. Lowlights can be used alone to create depth or be paired with any highlight type for the maximum in dimension.


Our Couture Corrective Services fix hair color mistakes fast or over time, depending on what’s best for your hair’s health. We fix botched home hair color and other color disasters, all while maintaining the integrity of your hair.

Before taking on your color challenge, we’ll carefully analyze your hair, its condition and your current color. Then we’ll explore your color history and a timeline for achieving the perfect shade for you.

Just a few of the things our corrective hair color experts can do include:

  • Help restore your hair’s health, so you can get and keep the color you want
  • Make blonde less brassy or even cooler
  • Create major or subtle tonal shifts
  • Lighten or darken your hair or just areas of it, such as ends or roots
  • Return your color to its natural shade, including tinting back a blonde to brunette without color shock
  • Remove high-fashion brights and pastels (May take more than one visit.)
  • Create a better-blended Ombré effect


There are dozens of ways we can make your hair look thicker than it is. And one of the easiest is with our volumizing hair color. By adding the illusion of depth, dimension, subtle movement and extra lock-luster, we’ll help you make the most of what you have—and then some.

Even if your hair is extremely fine, we can manage the cuticle with color, so that it does not fall as flat. You don’t even have to change your shade dramatically to benefit from a volumizing color effect. Of course, if you want the extra depth that darker, underlying panels can create, we can do that, too. Our color illusionists will discuss all the options and explore the best ones for you.


Whether you like to try out color trends or just want a subtle flavor of what’s happening now, we can create any dimensional or shade-based effect you want. Ombré can be dramatic or subtle, and be placed near the roots, midshaft or ends, depending on what you want and your current color. Our Ombré experts will explore all the options with you, including how a celebrity’s Ombré will best translate to your hair texture, type and color.

Other special color effects we can create include a flash of pastels, color blocking, color paneling and layering, end tipping, bang enhancement, and bold fashion shades. Feel free to bring photos, your tablet or phone to show us the newest colorations you want to try out.