COVID-19 and What Our Salon is Doing

An image of a bottle of hand sanitizer and a mask.

In the midst of the global pandemic we are currently in, we hope that all of you are staying healthy and at-home. We understand that your hair may not be at the forefront of your concerns, but we wanted to offer you some peace of mind that we are doing our best to keep our salon clean and sanitized. We are also making plans for our reopening, and while we are unsure of when this will take place, we want you to know that we are doing our best to adhere to the CDC’s guidelines and the rules set out by our state government. In this blog post we will be discussing what our current plans are and what you can expect from us. Keep reading to learn more! 


We first want to let all of our customers know that we are available to do virtual consultations! Whether this be a consultation to discuss hair extensions, wigs, treatments, or color services, we want to do whatever we can to help you feel your best! During these consultations we can help you decide what type of treatment or service would be the best for your hair, discuss your hair goals, and help you set up an appointment for when we reopen. To schedule your virtual consultation, please call us directly and we will get you all set up!


When Do We Plan To Reopen?

As we mentioned above, we do not have an official reopening date as of now. However, because things are rapidly changing, we may have an official date soon! Be sure to check out our website, our social media, or call us for more information. We understand that it may be frustrating with the lack of knowledge, but we are doing everything we can to adhere to regulations set by the CDC and New York City. We want our clients to feel safe and comfortable when they return to our salon, so it may take extra time to make sure that everything is in place. 


What Will We Be Doing To Ensure Sanitation

While sanitation has always been something we pride ourselves on, we will be taking extra precautionary steps to ensure the safety of our guests and our stylists. We will be enforcing strict sanitary guidelines that our guests and staff must follow. These regulations are as follows: 

  • All team members and guests will be required to wash their hands and use hand sanitizer. 
    • Stylists will be required to do so before and after every client.
  • All stylists will be required to wear masks and gloves to prevent the potential spread and touching of other items.
    • Guests will be required to wear a mask during all services, gloves are not required. 
  • All tools and equipment will be wiped down and sanitized immediately after use. Items that can be disposed of, such as combs, brushes, and other items will be disposed of. Your stylist will be using freshly sanitized or new materials on you. 
  • All of our linens and towels will be washed and sanitized right after any use. We wash all our materials with commercial grade fragrance-free detergent, in hot water, and will be using a new towel or linen with every customer.
  • All countertops/high-touch or traffic areas will be wiped down with disinfectant frequently to ensure that we are not spreading any germs or bacteria. 


We understand that not everyone will feel comfortable returning to the salon once stay at home orders are lifted, and that’s okay. We are more than happy to speak with you if you are uncomfortable and can even schedule you for an appointment further down the road. 


How to Determine if You Should Come In?

If you are feeling ill or any flu-like symptoms, we ask that you do not come visit our salon. In order to protect our stylists and other guests you may be temperature checked and be asked to reschedule your visit to a later date. We want everyone to know that we want to be able to serve everyone, but due to the high risk, we have the right to refuse service. If you’re feeling healthy and not displaying symptoms and feel comfortable visiting our salon upon reopening, we’re happy to help! You will have to follow the set guidelines and wear a mask during your entire visit. 

Once again, we understand that this time is extremely unknown and has been very scary for everyone. We hope that we can bring some light to your life and help you feel your best. Even if it is something as simple as a hair cut, we understand that this can help you start feeling like yourself again which can make a huge difference. For more information about our procedures, visit our website. If you are ready to schedule your appointment or want to schedule a virtual consultation, please contact us directly! We miss all of our clients dearly, and cannot wait to see you all when we reopen. Thank you for being patient and understanding!