Thinning Hair

We Offer Comprehensive Hair Loss Treatments & Solutions

The specialists at Angelo David New York can give you the best cut, style and illusionary hair color that address your fine or thinning hair issues and make your hair look and feel thicker instantly. Even shifting a part line or adding staggered highlights can help camouflage scalp “see-through.” Our experts know all the tricks and specialized products for making it look like you have more hair than you actually do. Additionally, we offer specialized solutions for men and women.

We Offer Hundreds of Effective Options

The options our hair loss experts can provide start with Couture Hair, including hair extensions, additions, fillers, wigs, hairpieces, and integration pieces. All can be customized hundreds of ways to conceal a thinning hairline, fill-in sparse areas, completely camouflage fine or thinning hair or address medical hair loss.

Hair Detox Natural Supplements For Beautiful & Healthy Hair

For ongoing care, try Hair Detox, our natural supplement designed to address male hormones, DHT, nutrient deficiencies, female hormonal imbalances, and more. Used at home, VOL Volumizing Shampoo and Conditioner make fine hair look thicker.

Whatever the cause, we have a hair loss solution for you. Book a consultation with our New York City salon today!